Martin Viidik

Technical Game Designer

Hello I am a game designer, currently based in Tallinn, Estonia.

I am a game designer, with a technical background from a computer science degree who’s capable of both building thrilling, narrative-based game worlds and bringing gameplay concepts to life from conceptualization to it’s implementation.

In this portfolio are some of the works I have done over the years, from modding projects, commercial unity games to short gamejam titles.  Click on the titles of the projects to find out more about them.


Level Design, Quest Creation

Mod for Fallout 4 featuring new landscape / quests. Huge learning example in terms of creation of open world game worlds / quest writing & scripting.


Level Design, Scripting

Short mod for SOMA. Initially created for an university project, with it being later touched up two years later. ~30 minute gameplay section with puzzles and scripted encounters.


Level Design

Top-Down survival shooter available on steam. Worked on level design & set dressing during final periods of development, to help get the game released on early-access

Nirvana Pilot Yume

Level Design, Gameplay programming

Narrative based racing game, inspired by skyroads, available on steam. Worked on tracks for racing sections & added features and general polish to gameplay.

Elegy of Cyberia Arcade

Game Design, Programming

Initially developed during a 48hour game jam, with development continuing further down the road. Fast based 2-D versus game set in a cyberpunk themed universe.


Game Design, Programming, 3D Modeling

Short top-down horror survival game, created for GameLab game development group, where it won first place at Autumn game awards. Led a team of beginners and worked on general game design / programming and visuals.

Misc Game Jam games

Game Design, Programming

Miscellaneous games that I have worked on during many of the game jams I have attended.