Arachis is a short top-down survival horror shooter, created as part of Gamelab Autumn 2017 competition.¬†Arachis ended up winning the “Best Game” award.

In the team I acted as a generalist, working on programming, animation and art aspects of the game. I was the most senior member of the team, so my task was also to mentor and help out my team members and to act as a general team lead. It was a great chance to learn more about working together as a team and an opportunity to put together something bigger.

My tasks

  • Acted as a team lead and a mentor for my team members
  • Programmed and implemented gameplay features
  • Worked on the overall design and visual feel of the game

Tools used

  • Unity
  • 3DS Max
  • Adobe Photoshop

When starting development for Arachis, we knew that it would be just a small slice off of a potential full game that this prototype could be developed into. That plan unfortunately didn’t end up coming into fruition. Nevertheless, the game still offers a short and an atmospheric experience for the player. The game consists of 3 main sections.

  1. Intro: The player is vulnerable, unarmed and traversing this hostile environment. There are some environmental storytelling scattered around to help introduce the player to the overall world.
  2. Main gameplay: The player has been armed and gradually starts encountering his first enemies after the initial reveal. This gameplay section serves a purpose to help the player get more familiar with the controls and to prepare him for the big finale
  3. Crescendo: To end the demo, the player has to call down an elevator. This however causes a large horde of enemies to come swarming for the player. As such the player has to put all of the skills he has learned through out the short demo to survive and to escape from the area