Barrenymre is a survival horror game built on Unreal Engine 4, based off of a world envisioned by Mark Rennie, Scottish based artist, which he has been working on for numerous years now.

This project has been a both a learning and a passion project for both of us. Development started during November 2019 and we have been chipping away at it ever since. With this being a perfect opportunity to get more comfortable with Unreal Engine 4 and for Mark to learn more about the general process of game development and the general workflow that goes into creating visual assets.

My tasks

  • Implemented and designed gameplay mechanics
  • Created AI behavior through UE4s behavior trees
  • Acted as technical advisor for the lead artist

Tools used

  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Blueprints


Gameplay Mechanics

Our primary inspiration for Barrenmyre were horror games such as Amnesia and Outlast. Games where instead of having a heavy focus on combat, the player had to utilize both stealth and general maneuverability to evade enemies.

As such, here’s a sample of gameplay mechanics which I have built for Barrenymre.

Picking up items, inspecting items, reading notes, safes with specific combinations, hiding in closets, leaning, shimmying across tight gaps, climbing objects.

For enemies, I used Unreal Engine 4s behavior trees to implement basic enemy AI, including features such as patrol routes, chasing of player, awareness of the environment (Reacting to sounds, breaking down a door if its closed) and also reacting to player state (It’s possible for the player to hide inside closets).

Art style

Since Barrenymre is a passion project for both of us, we decided against using Marketplace assets. As such, all of the art assets in the game are created by Mark Rennie Thanks to this, the game has a slightly more distinctive and stylized look to it than usual.