Disaster Baby is a casual action game, where the player is tasked with keeping their child happy while having to deal with absurd conditions, which the game constantly throws at you.

The game was made during the span of 48 hours at Gamecamps Riga gamejam, we managed to get together a working prototype which conveys the idea of gameplay that we were going for. In addition to that, we tried to make the game look passable enough. During our evaluation we received praise for our game idea and the amount of polish we managed to put into it.

My tasks

  • Implemented gameplay mechanics
  • Worked with our art director to come up with and create art assets for the project
  • Added additional polish

Tools used

  • Unity 5.6 (C#)
  • 3Ds max 2014

Gameplay Mechanics

The player is tasked with keeping the baby happy amidst all the chaos. The game ends when the timer runs out or when the baby’s happiness reaches zero.

The baby’s happiness is affected by the natural disasters occuring in the level, as well as just gradually decreasing. The baby has a needs system, which randomly picks a certain need (Hungry, Dirty, Bored) that the player has to satisfy in order to increase baby’s happiness.

As an example, if the baby becomes hungry, the player has to grab some food from the food pile, cook it by completing a quick time event and then bringing it to the baby. I was tasked with implementing all the quick time events present in the game.

Art style

We quickly realized that the best approach for a gamejam title is to use the currently popular low-poly aesthetic with flat textures. Thus creation of assets was a relatively straightforward process.

Most of the time went to the design of the gameplay stations, we wanted them to be both humorous and also clearly tell the player which need they would fulfill for the baby.