Elegy of Cyberia: Arcade was a 1 vs 1 capture-the-flag game, made initially during a local gamejam. The game was well received, which led us to continue working on it, so we would be able to showcase it at a local gaming event.

In the team I acted as a generalist, working on both programming and design aspects of the game. It was my first time working a local co-op type of a game, so it was a great learning experience on how to handle development for local multiplayer games.

My tasks

  • Programmed and implemented gameplay mechanics
  • Worked on the overall design of the game

Tools used

  • Unity


Being a game that was built with 1v1 in mind, there’s several different characters you can choose form. All of which have slightly different attributes (Weapon type, speed, health etc).

Essentially the game is a variation of capture the flag game mode, the players are stuck in a free-for-all combat until a vial appears on the map. Upon which the players are tasked with bringing it back to their base. The player who gets three points first wins the match.

Lessons learned

Elegy of Cyberia was my first real experience working on a game which was built with a controller in mind. As such, getting the Unity input manager to work and detect controllers was a challenge. In the end we managed to get drop-in and drop-out functionality implemented.

Additionally, being a game with two active players (where it’s also possible to choose different characters) at the same time. It was a challenge to figure out how to get it working properly. In the end we managed to come up with a simple character selection screen, where it’s possible to both detect the controllers which the player is using and also to select your character.