Uncommonwealth is a brand-new worldspace created for Fallout 4. Players are able to experience a world roughly 1/4 the size of map of Fallout 4, which has been filled with places to discover, enemies to fight and stories to discover. The project started out from my love for open world role-playing games and my desire to work on similar types of games. Working on this mod has been a crucial learning experience for me.

I worked on the mod from 2016 to 2018. Uncommonwealth has always been intended to be a learning experience for me. I used the experience I gained from working on Uncommonwealth to join Skywind, a community driven project aiming to recreate Morrowind in the engine of Skyrim. I ended up doing so out of desire to wanting to get more experience in working together as a team.


My tasks

  • Designing the base landmass, creating the heightmap and altering it further in-engine
  • Populating the area with unique locations and setpieces
  • Creating interior cells for the player to explore
  • Scripting NPCs, encounters, minor quests etc

Tools used

  • Creation Kit
  • Papyrus scripting language
  • Worldmachine