Quarantine Game is a small mini-game collection, loosely inspired by WarioWare titles. The game was made with mobiles in mind and is aiming to capture the feeling of a “hypercasual game” However, it is also possible to play the game on PC

The game was put together during self-imposed isolation and quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic. Initially starting off as nothing more than a simple joke, but after receiving some positive feedback regarding it, I decided to keep working on the game. It also gave me a good excuse to experiment with things I hadn’t really attempted before. Such as online leaderboards and localization’s

My tasks

  • Implemented and designed gameplay mechanics
  • Tried to keep a consistent theme and tone for the game

Tools used

  • Unity
  • Adobe Photoshop



The game consists of 7 short mini-games, all of which are simplistic to play and don’t require complex interaction from the player. While the game is intended to feel comedic in nature, I still wanted to make sure that the mini-games seemed tasteful.

As such, the point of the game is to get as high of a score as possible, while doing things appropriate for the quarantine. (Keeping a social distance, washing your hands, buying supplies responsibly, wearing protection, staying indoors)

Lessons learned

I ended up learning surprisingly a lot off of this project, despite it starting off as a quick joke to keep me busy during my self-quarantine. I got to learn more about building games for mobile devices, which featured aspects such as working with touch controls, UI scaling related to the devices and so on. Additionally, I felt like tackling two additions which I had never attempted before.

At the moment the game supports five different languages. English, Swedish, Estonian, Japanese and Dutch. To get localization working, I ended up containing all of the in-game text inside a .csv file in resources folder. Upon starting the game, the file is parsed through and the rows are assigned their own specific key. Thanks to that, it is possible to change which key is currently being used while in run-time, allowing for seamless language switching.

Online leaderboards
Upon finishing the game, the player is presented with a score which he can choose to upload to leaderboards. For leaderboard funcionality, I ended up using dreamlo leaderboards, which saved me the hassle from having to set up a back-end database on my own. The integration was relatively painless and quick to implement. I also added a basic name checker, which doesn’t allow you to insert already existing names, names with special characters and names containing profanities.