Random Access is a cyberpunk inspired stealth game where the players play as a netrunner, who after botching a job against a big megacorporation, is forced to use his wits and technological skills to escape from certain death.

The game was made roughly over the span of a month, for NOC #1 Gamejam. Majority of the work for the game was done by me and Jacob Potterfield, with him being responsible for all of the art in the game and me taking the responsibility for technical design and implementation (including working with shaders). I consider the project to be a great learning experience for building scripted, linear experiences.

My tasks

  • Designed and implemented gameplay mechanics and enemy AI
  • Added enemy encounters, scripted set pieces to the levels
  • Responsible for the technical art

Tools used

  • Unreal Engine 4


In development – Gamejam deadline on 28th of May

Gameplay Mechanics

The game is a first-person adventure game, emphasizing on traversal of the environment and avoidance of obstacles over having to tackle your foes. There are the two primary types of obstacles which the player has to avoid.

  • Security cameras – Upon detection they alert any nearby drones to your presence, repeated detection would cause the player to be locked out of their systems, resulting in death.
  • Drones – Enemies which fly around the map, going randomly through patrol points. Upon detection the drone begins charging up it’s attack. Inability to escape the radius results in the death of the player.

Being a netrunner, the player is able to jack himself into hyper-reality. Doing so opens up various different benefits for the player. From having a better vision over the environment, being able to see the field of view of cameras, to being able to phase through certain objects. Moving in hyper-reality causes the meter to deplete, forcing the player to use it sparingly.

Level Design and Scripting

While the overall level look and layout was done by Jacob, I was tasked with the general optimization of levels and implementation of all of the mechanics, scripted sequences and enemy encounters. Essentially being responsible for the overall pacing of the game.

For the scripted sequences, we wanted to either make the environment feel more alive (Seeing ships flying in the distance) or to convey certain moments in the story (The dropship getting blown up with the player getting thrown off the building as a result)

Regarding the art style, we wanted the difference between levels to be as jarring as possible. With the level featured in the mega corporation being slick, clean and highly stylized. While the slums were intended to be outright ugly. Dark, gritty and overloaded with advertisements and other holograms.